Product labels

In this theme you can set some labels which will be shown in your product containers.

  • Product label color: This is a custom created label in which you can set your own text. This setting will set the color for this label.
How to setup a custom label: To activate this custom label you”ll need to activate “extra data fields”. When you have done that you need to go to a product  in your backoffice. When you scroll all the way down you’ll see three new fields called “data_01, data_02 and data_03”. When you type a text inside data_01 then that will be shown as label.
  • Sale label color: The sale label is a label that will be showed when a product has a discounted price. This is done automatically.
  • Hide custom product labels: Hide/show the custom label
  • Hide discount label: Hide/show the sale label.

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