Other settings

This section describes all different settings that are not mentioned in previous settings.

The above image will show you what setting will add/remove which numbered item.

  • (1.) Show second image: This setting will load the second image from each product and show that when you hover over the product.
  • (7.) Show stock message: This setting will show a on stock/out of stock message.
  • (5.) Show quantity box: This will add a quantity box where people can add a quatity to be added to the cart
  • (6.) Show add to cart button: This will add a small add to cart button.
Note: You can show the quantity box without an add to cart button but that will obviously don’t do anything good. The quantity box will be useless then. However showing the cart button without the quantity box will work. Mostly shops who sell large quantites (or B2B) will use this function.

  • (below product image) Quick shop: This function will show a button which will open up a popup. In this popup the full product data will be shown and people can add the product from the same screen they are on right now.
  • (8.) Compare/wishlist buttons: This will add/hide the compare and wishlist buttons.
  • (2.) Brand name: This setting will add/remove the brandname in front off the (3.) product title
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