So you want to start a webshop?

You came to the right place. We can help you set up a store in a short time. Our preferred system is Lightspeed however we work with Shopify and Woocommerce as well. Just because these systems have proven themselves over a very long time.


You too can start today. Together with the easy to use Lightspeed system and our knowledge and expertise you can have your awesome shop up and running in no time.

Since the global pandemic, ecommerce is exploded! We are fully aware that ecommerce parameters are changed. Bricks and online are getting together more and more. Thankfully Lightspeed offers great Omnichannel solutions for restaurants, ecommerce and physical stores.

Sell in a matter of minutes to millions of people. All is setup by installing a few apps from the Lightspeed app store. Fully automate your webshop flow, like shipping and payments and your customer service.

You can also have a professional design by a button click. There are a lot of professional designs which are optimized by conversion experts and fully SEO optimized.

We can help you getting through all the required elements of having a succesfull company both online and offline.

To help you better understand the possibillities of Lightspeed eCom you can get a 14 day free trial. It’s absolutely free and no strings attached!


WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source e-commerce platform built on WordPress. You can get started quickly and without big investments.

Woocommerce has a lot of plugins available, both paid and free! There are also tons of professional themes available, also paid and free.

WordPress and Woocommerce are both open source programs. So they are completely free.



Shopify is a cloud based SaaS platform like Lightspeed. Where Lightspeed eCom is based in The Netherlands, and has focus on Europe, is Shopify based in Canada and focus more on selling international. Over a million shops use Shopify.
Shopify comes with a lot of free and paid professional themes, Also tons of great plugins and apps are available.


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    Not sure what to choose?

    Below we have made a small comparison between the 3 platforms. We have chosen to compare some basic start up parameters.
    Which one to choose completely depends on your requirements. For example Woocommerce is open source which means you can directly manipulate source code and create your own awesome plugins and themes. Like a ticketing system. Lightspeed and Shopify are a more closed paltform so you can create a lot of things but can hit limitations of both systems.
    We will always give you advice what is best to choose!

    Requirements to start