This, Amsterdam based, fast growing company wanted to sell globally with a focus on Asia. Their older system couldn’t fullfill their wishes anymore.
We migrated their store to Lightspeed. We build a complete new and fresh design that focus on their awesome brands.
Together with their bricks store in Amsterdam they now have a awesome Omnichannel platform which boosted their sales and positions in Google massively.


This client wanted to have us build a complete new webshop. Since they were growing rapidly they needed to streamline their webshop flow so it would make things easier for their clients.

We build all kinds of little nifty tools to help their customers to better understand which cable they need to use for their EV verhicle.

Logistiekonline.nl / Rotomshop

Selling logistics products on the internet isn’t easy. That is what this multinational experienced firsthand. They were working with a shop that has departments in 12 countries across Europe. So they asked us to build a brand new webshop that could handle 12 different setups of their stores. All countries have different needs for customer service and advertising.

We managed to create a store that works from one location but still have different setups in other countries.


KAYA sieraden used a very old theme which was not up to date anymore. It was slow and difficult to maintain for their wishes.

We convinced this client to let us build a new webshop which would convert their clients much better.

Secondly we build a great tool with which customers can put together a personalised piece of jewelry.


This market leader in fancy clothing in the Benelux (and one of our most beloved clients) asked us to build a tool to showcase delivery times based on quantity and variants. This data needed to come form their internal stock system. 

Based on one of our themes, we managed to create a tool that shows clients when to expect their product.

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