We make starting a webshop as easy as 1, 2, 3

We work with a lot of different platforms for our webshops, but most of the time we advice to use Lightspeed. This is not without a reason!

An all in one webshop

Lightspeed is an interesting platform for both small and larger companies. The reason for this is the scalabillity, standard features and options. Lightspeed comes with tons of great features.

By installing an app you can expand the functionallity of your store, optimize your workflow or getbeetr insights in your marketing efforts.

Why Lightspeed or SaaS in general?

Short answer? Because it works!

Long answer…. Within minutes your store is ready to go without all the fuzz of setting up servers or code widgets, designs etc. When you don’t have any programming skills you still can have a great webshop which looks good and convert your customers into buyers. The only thing you have to do is write text, upload products and setup some shipping and payment options.

When using an open source program, like Magento or Woocommerce, you first have to go through things like setting up a server. While this is nowadays easy to do, you still have to make sure the server is fast and reliable. Furthermore you have to update the software yourself. When all that is done you can start working on your design nad after that on your payment and shipping options. This all require certain skills and most of all a lot of money.

A SaaS platform has done all that work for you. You really pay for what you get, and that’s a lot! No more long and expensive webshop processes.

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