Lightspeed customization, we never let a client down

Yes you read that right. We have never ever had a customization project which we didn’t solve or completed. For each problem or question we are able to find a solution.  

Lightspeed customization comes in all kinds of different ways. Bigger and smaller projects, big clients and small clients. Fashion store or logistics store. Anyway for any shop we can change/improve your store.

The kinds of customizations vary from adding extra banners to your store, store locators, search widgets, adding marketing pixels upto creating a full customized checkout. You can literally think of anything.

We can’t think of anything we didn’t build for Lightspeed yet!

Want to customize your store? Let's talk.

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    How we work

    You have an idea and we (probably) got the solution.

    Send us your idea or what you want to change in your store and we do the rest. You get a time estimate and we discuss a fixed fee.

    Why a fixed fee? Well from our experience we know that projects most of the time take longer then expected. Big projects often come with bugs. We offcourse want to fix those bugs. You, on the other hand, don’t want to recieve a second invoice with unforseen costs.

    We want to be as transparent with this as can be. 90% Of our customers are returning customers, so they can’t all be wrong right?!