Save time, let your webshop work for you!

Making your webshop work on itself is a great time saver. Imagine your products are imported when you start working, or last night orders are imported in your bookkeeping software. Wouldn’t that not save you a lot of time and headaches?

Well this is where the Lightspeed API comes in. With this communication layer you can automate almost anything you can think of in your store.

Most common projects we do are a between your store and a supplier. For example to have your stock updated automatically. Or import new products to your store. Or create a fully automated shipping system with delivery times directly loaded from one of your suppliers.

You name it we can build it!

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    Expand the functionality of your shop.

    Currently we have some Lightspeed apps in development. With these apps you can expand the functionallities of your store.
    These apps can be found in the Lightspeed app store.

    API example.

    For a big client in magazines we build a complete webshop with an ESD download function. ESD is a way to sell downloadable products with product keys to a client.
    This means the client buys a product key in your store and with that key the client can register his product and download it afterwards. This is the same way how poular stores work like Steam, Epic store etc.