What are Lightspeed themes?

A theme is a pre-made template for your shop. This theme changes the default look and feel. With some easy to understand settings you can manage to create an awesome looking store without having to code anything. Just change some colors, upload your logo, some banners and you are ready to start selling. Absolutely no coding required.

Our themes can be rented in the Lightspeed theme store. The prices vary from €17.50 to €25 per month.

Currently we have a few hundred happy users of our themes. They can’t be all wrong 🙂

Our themes

Currently we have a few themes in the theme store. All our themes are made with care and precision. We always use the latest techniques and with all our themes we push the system to it’s limit.

Currently in development

Theme support and updates

Releasing a theme is not where a theme stops. Allthough we try to release a theme without bugs and try to write a clear and easy to use handout, we do understand occasionally there might be something wrong. Luckily we offer great support for our themes.

So if you found a bug or want to ask us something about a theme, then don’t hesitate to ask.

We also keep updating our themes with new functionallity, improvements and bug fixes. Clients are free to offer us improvements and/or new functionallity. We always listen to this and try to add it to the theme where possible.

Theme documentation

Visit our theme documentation section to find the appropiate documentation for your theme

Questions and support

When you have any question you can visit our support page and send us a ticket.

Some of our happy users

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    Things you should know about themes

    Are there hidden costs?

    No, absolutely not!
    You pay a monthly fee to use the theme. All updates and changes to the theme are free.

    Can I change themes?

    Yes you can!
    You are absolutely free to use any theme you want. Keep in mind that support and update policies are different for each theme builder.
    Also keep in mind that custom changes you made to a theme are gone when you change a theme. So before changing check if you made any custom changes.

    Do I need programming skills?

    No, absolutely not!
    We have done all the hard work for you. The only thing you need to do is change some theme settings to make the theme look like you want.

    Can I use your theme and do some custom work in it?

    Yes you can!
    When you have access to the Lightspeed template editor you can do anything you want with the theme. So if you decide to change the homepage setup you are free to do that.
    For this programming skills are required and we don’t offer assistence to any modification you did yourself.
    You also have to keep in mind once the Lightspeed template editor is activated you disconnect your theme from the updates.

    Do you offer customization to a theme?

    Yes we do!

    Actually we do this very often.Users very often have specific needs for their webshop.

    Average setup time

    The average setup time of a theme vary from 30 minutes to a few hours. So basically in a short period of time you can have your shop up and running.
    Our themes come with various pre-made presets. You can install a preset and by changing your logo and the banners you are ready to start selling.