About us

How it all started

After just graduaded I couldn’t find work. Since programming was always a hobby I decided to start my own webshop on the Lightspeed platform. Back then it was called SEOshop. With some adjustments and custom work, this webshop started to create a steady income. After a while it became a big success. Since this shop was a fully customized webshop, which was never done on this platform by anyone, I got a call from the CEO of SEOshop. His question was if I could build custom designs for other webshops as well on this platfrom. So I decided to sell my webshop and Webdinge was born.

Since then…

Now, 8 years later, I helped more then 1500 shops with all kinds of work. I have seen it all during this period, little shops became big entrepeneurs, comapnies with over 100 million revenue without a webshop and so on. We helped shops from Australia to America and the local entrepeneurs around the corner.

We are not the biggest agency with the biggest revenue, but we don’t care. We rather work with short lines and prefer to have personal contact with our clients. Perhaps that is the reason we have a lot of returning customers. Our customers prefer to establish a long term relationship with us.

Our philosophy

Clarity and honesty are really important to us. More then once we hear from our customers that they have had a bad experience with other companies. Mainly because of shady invoices, bad after sales and bad customer support. What we try to accomplish is to give a customer as much support as we can, we tell exactly what we are going to do and for which price. When we work like this everything is clear beforehand for us and for the customer. As easy as that.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We have experience with a whole lot of platforms and software. Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Shopify, Bigcommerce and a whole lot more. But there’s only one system that matches our philosophy and that is Lightspeed. With Lightspeed it is possible to combine your physical store and your ecommerce store into one easy to use system.

The reaso we prefer to work with Lightspeed is mainly because of the ease of use. The shop holder doesn’t need any programming skills whatsoever. You can attach your payment options and shipping options with the press on a button. And one of the most important things is offcourse findability in Google. For a small fee each month you have a great system that does all the work for you so you can focus on selling your products and give your customers the service they deserve.

To understand the difference between Software as a Service and a hosted webshop platform read a blog post we wrote a while back: SaaS or hosted?

Onze filosofie

We proberen je shop zo snel mogelijk online te hebben. Geen hoge opstart kosten. Geen vernborgen kosten. Simpeler kan haast niet. Wij doen het moeilijke werk en jij verkoopt je product.

Hoe we werken

Vertel ons wat je doelen zijn en wij doen de rest. Webdinge helpt je met het bepalen van de juiste strategie. We hebben jarenlange ervaring op dit gebied.