Sell your products with a WOW!

To install the theme go to the Lightspeed theme store. Search for or select theme "Deviant" en then hit "install".

The theme comes with 4 presets. You can choose one of these presets or play and customize the theme with these settings yourself.

There isn't a real "best size" for the images. However we advise to use square sizes. Square sizes mean 500x500 pixels or 200x200 pixels. Rectangle sizes are 400x600 pixels.

We have listed the different sizes below. You can use these to get the best result, but you are always free to use your own sizes the way you want.



Category images homepage

Homepage content text with image

Brand images homepage

Product images

Category image/ Catalog image

Trustmark image

Titles and body font

Body and highlight color


Background color

Hide topbar links and phone number

Message in topbar

Top header message

  1. Top header bericht titel
  2. Top header bericht tekst


Header layout

Theme Deviant has 4 different options listed below:

  1. Logo left (oveflowing logo)
  2. Logo centered
  3. Floating header
  4. Logo left standard (smaller logo)

Background color header

Navigation background color

Navigatie background color transparant

Other navigation settings

Navigation mega menu

There are 4 different layouts for your mega menu. All seperated into columns

  1. Catggories, brands and banner
  2. Categories and brands
  3. Categories and a banner
  4. Only categories


Usp's are Unique Selling Points for your shop. Mostly these usp's are something like:

Make sure to be as clear as possible. Free shipping says a lot less then Free shipping for orders above $xx,xx

Setup an USP